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Minor League Baseball hosts diversity Think Tank

A few months ago, in an effort to support their new Diversity Initiative, Minor League Baseball (MiLB) held its inaugural Diversity Think Tank.  According to MiLB.com, the four day event “featured a select group of 20 representatives from consulting firms, community organizations, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Minor League Baseball teams.”  The goal of the event was to develop a sustainable platform to advance diversity and inclusion in baseball.  Workshop “topics included unconscious bias training, the unintended impact of advertising, the optimization of partnerships, and diversity and inclusion issues in both baseball and society.”

Minor League Baseball President & CEO, Pat O’Conner spoke at the event, highlighting the vision and future of the MiLB Diversity Initiative.  “Subjects included successfully incorporating the initiative into current MiLB markets, what Minor League Baseball is doing well, what needs further growth, and the impact and takeaways presented to the representatives in attendance.”

“As the country changes, from a demographic profile, we need to make sure that from the inside-out baseball is reflective of the communities it is operating in,” O’Conner stated. “We set upon an initiative that allows us to provide resources, options, and information to the clubs to help them diversify their staff.”


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