by Ray Hayes

About a month ago, Jaymie and I talked about the numerous job openings that go unfulfilled due to the lack of qualified candidates. During our podcast conversation , I promised that I would gather more information about those unfulfilled jobs and share the information on our website. Well, today starts my journey into fulfilling that promise.

As I was gathering information on this topic, I stumbled across an article on the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics. The author argues that we have both a STEM crisis and surplus and that “According to the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology, the United States would need to increase its yearly production of undergraduate STEM degrees by 34 percent over current rates to match the demand forecast for STEM professionals.

That’s a big increase!

How is there any way we could get that big of a boost if this information isn’t out for the masses to see. I honestly do not think we can unless our youth are introduced to STEM opportunities early.  If we start young, we can get their minds accustomed to the field of STEM in an effort to attract them to the industry as they get older. STEM needs to be a much bigger focal point of their education now and in the future. Now I am not advocating to disregard any other fields of academia but let’s make it more of a priority to introduce youngsters to the field of STEM and its importance.

Within the coming days, I will be sharing more information on the American jobs that go unfulfilled due to lack of qualified candidates, so please tune in.