Alex Nogales of the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Thomas A. Saenz of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund have connected to help promote Latino diversity on the small screen.  The two leaders recently met with CBS executives in an effort to increase diversity within the company both behind and in front of the camera.  According to a recent statement “CBS has made “record commitments” to improved representation of Latinos, which Nogales said has galvanized the group to demand more from other networks.”

This seems to be only the beginning as Nogales explained.  “We’re going to be very militant from here on out. … The next target is Fox,”.  A meeting was requested for the following week with the entertainment network.

According to the Las Vegas Sun “the coalition said the network has doubled the number of Latino writers and cast members since 2016; agreed to order scripts from Latinos or with Latino themes, and will hear additional pitches from 10 Latino writers or producers.”  With the recent victory, the coalition hopes moment can continue in their negotiations with other big name networks including Fox, ABC, and NBC.