The life of a small business owner can be strenuous and rewarding.  Despite the instability of the title, being a business owner can bring both joy and worry all in the same moment.  That’s why the feedback given to Business 2 Community’s new article by business owners, is no surprise to me.  According to the article, being a business owner is two times as stressful as maintaining a stable relationship and three times as stressful as raising children.  While I’m not sure about the later, the first is a definite.  In addition, over 50% of owners give up their free time on a regular basis.  Despite these facts over 70% are happy with their lives.

Truth in every way!

When it comes to how small businesses operate and feel, it can be said that most are positive about the future.  “82 percent of small business owners expect better cash flow than their following year in business.”  To add, many small business are figuring out ways to follow up with late payments with an increasing number becoming mobile pay ready.  When it comes to the economy, concerns for business owners include government regulation, gas prices, health care, and consumer spending.

The modern small business owner is not that much different from older small business owners in that many believe life is stressful, joyous, and will get better in the future.