Today we take a look at gender diversity in the workplace on a global scale. It goes without saying that diversity is vital to a nation’s success with gender diversity at its core.  The promotion of women in the workplace drives performance and increases creative results.  Yet in still, some regions are better are creating opportunities for women than others.  According to Grant Thornton International “a third of businesses globally still have no women in senior management positions.”

When breaking down gender diversity in the United States, we see that 23% of senior roles are currently held by women.  Comparing that to a global level, Latin America falls to 18% while the European Union, Eastern Europe, and Asia come in at 24%, 35%, and 34% respectively.

On a global scale, women are entering the workplace more than in the past.  According to a Grant Thornton survey, “Over 30 per cent of respondents surveyed stated that their organisation had between 41 per cent and 60 per cent female representation, with 21 per cent stating they have over 60 per cent female representation within their organisation, which presents a proportionate statistic for women in the workforce.”  As women continue to increase, we should begin seeing more opportunities at the senior levels.  If not, we may see a workforce imbalance in much need of correction.