It’s amazing how bulletproof our current Commander-in-Chief is when it comes to his base.  After months of supporting a crack down on illegal immigration, the proclamation of an oncoming wall (paid for by our wonder friends in Mexico), and an elimination of Obamacare, President Trump is actively turning against all promises and shifting towards the left.  Yet despite this shift, many of the president’s supporters a la Sean Hannity are pointing the finger at House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell.  This easy button blame raises a major philosophical question;  At what point will Trump’s 30% support turn against him?

The truth is, most likely never.  It’s hard to admit to yourself that a man you trusted and believed in doesn’t actually agree with your political logic, especially after he told you he did…for years….

But this is the inconvenient truth.  Donald Trump is from New York, the third most liberal leaning state outside of California and Washington.  As Ted Cruz puts it “New York conservatives are Texas liberals”.  Trump has been a life long supporter of the Democratic party until recently when he made an odd turn after realizing a conservative push would do wonders for him publicly (and it did).  His core ideals are liberal so it makes sense that he’s willing to make deals with Democrats that most Republicans wouldn’t consider.

And it also makes sense because…well…Trump isn’t consistent.

President Trump will say and do whatever he thinks will win him the moment.  In this case, with the backlash on DACA, a border wall, and Trump (or Ryan) care, the president seems to be pivoting in an effort to appease the masses.  While not a bad thing it is unexpected, in particular to his avid supporters.  According to his base, Trump was a no nonsense “Rugidier” who would force Dems to submit to his ironclad conservative rule.  Instead he’s a practical politician who’s backing down from his hard line stances in an effort to get things done.

While great for the country, this shouldn’t be fun for his base who, again, thought Trump was different then most politicians.  But the truth is he’s not…he can’t be.  Although Trump supporters like Steve Bannon may have the loudest voice in the room, they’re still the minority (and decreasing every day I might add).

This pivot is great news and tells us one thing about President Trump that we were all fearful of; that he wouldn’t be reasonable.  Turns out he is…and for some weird reason his base is blaming everyone but the person they should be for it.  But I guess that’s how these things go.