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Expanding the reach of Veteran Owned Business

Brian Zimmerman, a former service member of the US Marine Corps and founder and CEO of Vet Hustle has an ambitious goal.  According to Inc Magazine, Zimmerman’s “big vision is to triple the sales of 10,000 veteran-owned businesses over the next 10 years.”  Pretty extraordinary goal, but one that can be done.

The truth about most Veteran-owned businesses is that they are small or even micro operations.  While there are some extremely successful Vet-owned corporations such as FedEx and GoDaddy, most are equivalent to mom and pop stores looking to grow.  The good news for the Zimmerman goal is that there are now plenty of opportunities available for veteran businesses to increase their size at a fast pace.  Platforms such as entrepreneurial boot camps, business plan competitions, and MBA-style educational programs specifically tailored for military veterans are important to help these service men and women create future economic prosperity for themselves and the country.

To help with this process, Zimmerman promotes 5 keys for veteran business to grow.  These keys include “the lead magnet, the entry point offer, the core offer, the profit maximizer and the return path.”  As Vet Hustle explains “It’s only natural to expect even more veteran-owned startups to appear, and some of these are going to become multi-million-dollar businesses.”




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