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Google’s gender pay gap is ridiculous and needs to be fixed

by Ray Hayes

Google is known for its creative and progressive workplace environment. The various Google offices around the globe are a place of happiness, joy and productivity. According to a Google’s spokesman, the offices reflect the company’s philosophy which is, “…to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” So, with that being said you’d expect a ‘peachy’ environment at Google with rainbows and sunshine.

Unfortunately we’ve got some bad news.  It seems that not everything is well at Google as, according to the New York Times, women are paid $15,600 less than their male counterparts.  Google counters this however, stating that the Times report is “extremely flawed.”

According to a Google report, women earn an estimated, “…99.7 cents for every dollar men make.” However, there seems to be a little trickery going on because as per Google’s diversity report, level one position female employees earn $40,300 while males employed in the same position make $55,900. Furthermore, the NYT report explains that mid-career female employees make $11,000 less than their male counterparts.

Google’s explanation for the big gender pay gap is that the NYT findings does not take the location of the employees into account. While this may be true, current issues such as the lawsuit against the company for “substantial gender disparities.”  make it hard to effectively argue.  In addition, apparently the Labor Department has also launched an investigation into the company’s pay disparities creating major suspicion on the accuracy of Google’s claims.

Google is indeed at the forefront of innovation, but internally it seems the organization could use help.


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