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What is the ‘Amazon’ effect and how is it impacting small businesses?

by Ray Hayes

The year of Amazon is upon us and it is effecting every aspect of daily business. From the way we market our brands to how we deliver service, Amazon is changing the game and making things exciting. Welcome to the ‘Amazon’ effect!

But wait….just what is the “Amazon effect exactly?  According to WhatIs app, the ‘Amazon’ effect is, “the ongoing evolution of the retail market, both online and in physical outlets, resulting from increased e-commerce. The name is an acknowledgement of Amazon’s early and continuing dominating in online sales…”

Amazon is transcending the normal view of business transactions which is good for future small businesses.  A great example of this evolution is Amazon’s new grocery store Amazon Go, which will let consumers enter the store, grab what they want and leave without having to stand in long lines.  In addition, Amazon Prime allows consumers to purchase products online without paying big next day delivery prices.

Amazon continues its growth in the city of Seattle where, according to the Jon Talton from The Seattle Times, “ an Amazon effect can be cited in rising wages, increasing software jobs, skyrocketing house prices, more traffic and a city changing fast — too fast for some.”

The Amazon effect is real and may be only beginning.


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