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Despite Obamacare issues, one startup is expanding it’s small business health care plans

Opportunity has a funny way of presenting itself in the midst of chaos.  With the turmoil of America’s healthcare exchange, Oscar Health has created a novel niche, leading to immediate success and future expansion plans.   According to a recent Forbes article, Health insurance giant Humana and startup Oscar Health “will partner to offer commercial health plans to small businesses”

The partnership plans to focus on small businesses with 50 or fewer employees and increase its offering at a later date.  The health plans will be offered “in a nine-county area that includes Nashville, Tenn.  The New York-based startup, which made a name for itself by launching individual products on public exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, launched Oscar for Business in April.”

While larger carries are having big issues covering individuals at low cost, particularly in the rural areas, Oscar Health is experiencing success “in bringing its technology and products to the ACA’s individual public exchanges.” The new healthcare offering is geared on user experience and Oscar is right at the forefront.  Below is a brief description of their process:

Oscar assigns each of its members to a “Concierge Team” which is made up of a team of three care guides and a registered nurse that handle both traditional customer service questions as well as coordination of clinical care. In an interview with the Phoenix Business Journal in 2017, Oscar’s VP of Customer Care Paul Gazely said that Oscar’s concierge model “helps to build a relationship and build trust with our members with their health care needs,” and that the model helps Oscar familiarize itself “with the member’s needs by looking at the entire member’s health history.

The key is user experience and healthcare it seems is simply evolving from after to preventive care


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