Kiva is looking to redefine the crowd lending space by helping small businesses gain early traction in crowdfunding.  While similar to the concept of Kickstarter, where entrepreneurs must meet a deadline for raising money, Kiva adds a large faith effort to the cause. The Dayton Partnership offers “to commit the first 20 percent of each Kiva loan to help potential business owners build buzz and raise more funds through the platform.”

The purpose behind the support is to help small business owners win capital and gain traction.  “According to a study by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy, inadequate capital is the major obstacle facing small businesses when it comes to growth, expansion and wealth creation.”  By pledging 20%, Kiva is looking to meet businesses accessing the platform part way.  For small businesses seeking smaller loans through the way of crowd funding, this may be a great option.

“All Kiva loans are zero percent interest and they’re small, with no loans over $10,000. Business owners who succeed in raising funds through the platform have to pay the loans back within 36 months.”