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Trump Administration is looking to commit $200 million per year to computer science in education

No matter what your political affiliation, we can all acknowledge the need for STEM support in education. Under the Trump administration, the Department of Education will now commit $200 million a year to K-12 computer science education. The new initiative is a win for all parties involved is a culmination of hard work from Code.org which has pushed for federal funding for the past four years. While President Obama originally called for $4 billion in funding for states to advance computer science in education, the $200 million under President Trump is a major step in the write direction. “More teachers will be trained and more students will have access to learning and achieving success in computer science. Today, only 40 percent of U.S. schools teach computer science, whether using Code.org’s popular curriculum or alternatives. By 2022, we hope that number is 100 percent.”, Code.org founder and CEO Hadi Partovi said in a statement to TechCrunch.

According to Techcrunch, in addition to the funding, Trump is also directing that the Department of Education ” explore ways to increase or add focus on CS in K-12 schools, take into account gender and racial diversity and produce an annual report highlighting the department’s effectiveness in these efforts.” If true, this is a major victory for diversity promoters who will now see a huge federal initiative under the Trump administration target women and minorities.

Trump wants the Department of Education to commit $200 million per year to computer science education

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