When it comes to gender diversity HP has made significant gains over the past few years. While at Advertising Week New York, HP’s CMO Antonio Lucio revealed that “61% of the people who work on its account around the world are now women, a 20 percentage point shift. In supervisory roles, 51% are now women where a year ago some of its agencies “started with zero”. And on senior creative, where its two lead agencies that produce 85% of its content started with zero, at least 40% are now female.”

Despite the success with female diversity, Lucio did admit that minority representation has been a struggle. Lucio believes that the major issue in increasing minority numbers is scaling. For Lucio, in order to grow these numbers requests from major marketing customers is needed to force marketers to improve their numbers. According to Marketing Week, there are some companies that are promoting diversity internal including Verizon and Unilever. Still more support is needed in order to grow and
maintain minority representation. The enviornment among the marketing industry is better as numerous organizations ask their marketing partners to support diversity.

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HP calls on marketing industry to unite on diversity