According to a recent Vistaprint survey 27% of consumers expressed interest to shop with more small businesses in 2018 versus 2017.  In addition 75% or respondents said that they are likely to do some holiday shopping with small businesses this year.  This is great news for small firms looking to ramp up employment for the holiday break and a good sign for the future of small business.

“Vistaprint conducted the survey with 1,504 adult consumers in the U.S., with results weighted against the U.S. Census Bureau Current Population Survey.”  As a bonus, the survey also detailed what consumers are looking for when connecting with small firms.  For starters, “60 percent of shoppers prefer to buy or interact with small businesses in stores” with 67% sayings “it’s also important to them that small businesses have a website.”  A presence both online and in person seem to be much appreciated by consumers.  In addition, “69 percent said they would want to shop with a small business more if the owner knew them by name.”  A rather interesting group of response but answers that, if taken into consideration, could mean an increase in sales with your business.

Shoppers Plan to Spend 25 Percent More at Small Businesses Next Year, New Study Finds