When it comes to a job interview, does a resume really matter?  Consider this, if a person meets all requirements for a position, is an outstanding person, but graduated college with a 2.2 (or didn’t attend college), does it really matter?  If you think not, you may be the perfect candidate for Interviewing.io.  Currently the company offers a platform where recruiters can watch potential candidates walkthrough a task and evaluate their performance.  No names, no resume, just evaluation on performance. While they only offer a product for STEM focused projects I can easily see this expanding to other industries.

According to Techcrunch, the process goes as follows;
Interviewing.io levels the playing field for these workers by allowing them to log on, pick a time slot and start anonymously practicing their skills for evaluation in front of an engineer contracted with the company to identify top performers. If they pass, the job seeker can then go on for a similar interview with a hiring manager who will evaluate them based on a set of tasks given. The person evaluating them on the other end doesn’t know anything else about the person trying out other than whether or not they are able to complete the task assigned.

If everything goes well, the applicant is then invited in for an interview.  Like a dating app, the great thing about Interviewing.io is that both parties know the other is already interested.  About 20% of the platform users are female according to the company with 40%  being non traditional engineers, “meaning older folks and those who didn’t graduate at a top university.”  Currently well known companies like Facebook, Lyft, Twitch, and Yelp use the platform to connect with its 3,000 engineers.  This is a great start and a concept that I love to help increase both diversity and grant opportunities for qualified people who do not have the resume for whatever reason.

Interviewing.io hopes to close the engineer diversity gap with anonymous interviews