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Lyft and its diversity evolution

When it comes to ride sharing platforms, diversity and inclusion has been a major weakness.  From Uber’s legal battles wish sexual harassment to Lyft’s discrimination lawsuit issue with disabled peoples, ride sharing has needed a major public relations transformation.  Last September, Lyft hired Tariq Meyers to help with its diversity and inclusion issues and Meyers has delivered admirably.  By implementing the five Ps of practices, partnerships, public accountability, programming and policies, Meyers has helped Lyft re brand itself ending in an award from the Human Rights Campaign showing “a commitment to equality for those in the LGBTQ community.”

What a difference a year makes.

Meyers began by implementing programs including unconscious bias trainings, implementing a Gender Inclusion and Affirmation Policy, and developing Lyft’s Round Up & Donate program, which has seen 75,000 passengers donate $380,000 to the HRC since May.

According to Techcrunch, over the next 12 months, “Meyers says he’s looking to set goals around growing diversity on a team by team basis. The goal, he says, is to become a company that reflects the U.S. population one day.”  To do this, Meyers plans to continue his effective programs as well as implement a Lyft type Rooney Rule requiring “at least one minority and woman to be in the final interview stage for any position that is director level or above.”  While workforce numbers may still be around industry averages, the company is clearly taking steps in the right direction.  Despite what some may think, diversity and inclusion policies are not about taking away opportunities from white males, but simply making sure discrimination is not apart of the corporate culture.

Lyft’s diversity efforts are not going unnoticed

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