Ray Hayes

What is supplier diversity and why does it matter?

Well, for one according to my good friend the Internet, “Supplier Diversity is a proactive business program which encourages the use of minority-owned, women owned, veteran owned, LGBT-owned, service disabled veteran owned, historically underutilized business, and SBA-defined small business vendors as suppliers. It is not directly correlated with supply chain diversification, although utilizing more vendors may enhance supply chain diversification.”

So there you have it, supplier diversity…I did not know of the term or the industry until my friend and Supplierty News founder Jaymie White spoke about 2 years ago. When he told me he was working within this industry called supplier diversity, I honestly had no idea what he was talking about.  But over time, I (think I) can say that I have come a long way in my understanding of the importance of the field.  I am in no ways an expert of any kind but I am an advanced beginner.

Thanks Jaymie!

But the reason I am writing this article is because of the conversation Jaymie and I had the other day about how tons of people are getting jobs in supplier diversity but have no idea about supplier diversity. No idea what so ever. 

I am not going to ramble on and on about this topic without having Jaymie voice his concerns so this week I plan to sit down with Jaymie for a podcast on supplier diversity and whether it is important to have experience in the industry before taking a job or can you gain the experience