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Chicago Heights’ Bloom High School is introducing millennials to the manufacturing industry

Ray Hayes

Just a few weeks post ago, I wrote an article about the talent gap in the manufacturing industry, today I am coming to you again under different circumstances. In my last article, I talked about how high schools needed to bring back technical education, and I am pleased to announce that, in Chicago, this may already be happening.

Bloom High School in Chicago Heights, IL is reintroducing students to the manufacturing industry in a way millennials can appreciate. Last week, administrators from Bloom High School connected 18 schools in the South Suburban school district with several manufacturing companies to discuss manufacturing and inform students about career opportunities in the field.  In addition to the discussion, students were separated into groups and given tours of the Ford Motor Company Stamping Plant, F.H. Ayer Manufacturing and Do-Rite Die & Engineering as well as, a planned event at Prairie State College’s manufacturing technology machine shop in the future.

I can not emphasize my excited about this program. This is exactly what I was talking about when I wrote on technical skills in education and granting students opportunities to get a first-hand look at the industry and explain to them the opportunities in the industry is perfect. I hope more schools take on this blue print to help increase the industry and give it exposure.

Thank you Bloom High School!!!



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