Ray Hayes

The “war” for supremacy in Artificial Intelligence is ramping up between the countries of China and the United States. While the US is the current leader in AI technology, China is developing tech to gain on (and even surpass) the US.  According to InterestingEngineering.com, China has already passed the US, “…in the ranking of new patent application and licensing.” The Chinese government has devoted key resources to these patents, leading to a ramping up of development for AI technology.

Premier Li Keqiang, the current Premier of the State Council for the People’s Republic of China, recently spoke about China’s commitment to AI. “We will accelerate R&D on and commercialization of new materials, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, bio-pharmacy, 5G mobile communications, and other technologies, and develop industrial clusters in these fields.”

So, where does that leave the US?…..Well……I am not totally sure. Unlike China, US officials are not touting the need for the development of AI, but instead seem to be focusing more on NFL players kneeling, but I digress.  Although the US government is not investing has heavily as China in the emerging technology, American companies are. Corporations like Netflix and Amazon are taking full advantage of AI technology and steadily developing new initiatives to push the industry to new heights.

We can expect both countries to impact and refurbish the market within the coming years and we plan to keep you updated information as we go.