A few weeks ago an interesting new platform launched in Indianapolis, IN.  It’s name is Playbook Investors Network or PIN.  According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, PIN is “a business education and investment platform that connects high-net-worth investors with growing companies—specifically minority-owned supplier businesses that have contracts with major corporations.”  The project is an online solution that connects these opportunities with minority businesses and may be something to check out.

The company was founded by Rodney Woods, “a Dallas-based entrepreneur whose connections in the sports and minority-supplier industries helped him conceive the idea nearly a decade ago. Other members of PIN’s executive leadership team include seven-time NBA All-Star Tracy McGrady, NFL running back Damian Williams, three-time Olympian Darvis “Doc” Patton”, former NBA Indiana Pacers star Antonio Davis and business executive Jesse McRae.

While the main purpose is to educate minority business on growth strategies and business opportunities, the platform is also designed to provide investing opportunities to athletes and entertainers.  Targeting the successful demographic makes sense, and if possible could generate millions of dollars within the minority business community.  The idea will focus on mid sized businesses looking to expand and need funding to do so.  While not the sexiest investments, operations like alternative energy and construction could be a great way for $10 or $20 million investment to reap large benefits in only 3 – 5 years.


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