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Yale’s $50 Million Faculty Diversity Initiative

In 2015, Yale University announced a 5 year commitment to increasing faculty diversity.  In doing so, the institution donated $50 million to the initiative in an effort to back its commitment.  Almost halfway through the program and Yale University gave a quick update on its diversity faculty investment.  According to Insider Higher Education, Yale has “hired 50 new ladder-rank professors” with over half coming in 2017.  In addition, “Yale also has hired 11 Presidential Visiting Fellows this year. Such fellows, recruited from around the world, bring unique perspectives on research, practice and teaching.”

Some of the diversity funding has also supported a “Dean’s Emerging Scholars program within the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.”  This investment has seen 15 Ph.D students admitted as fellows with 20 additional Ph.D students receiving competitive research awards in the future.

I am always a fan of organization’s who target a potential benefit and look for ways to increase its output in that specific benefit.  Yale seems to have targeted diversity and if the university feels there is a possibility to further their reach and diversify their fellowship and faculty then this is a great way to do so.  Education is all about investment and Yale’s progress so far has been positive.  Time will tell if this is just a temporary benefit or more long standing.


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