North American small businesses are continuing to surge both economically and in lending opportunities.  After articles highlighting increases in Mexican and American small business, Canada has now joined the fray according to the recent PayNet Small Business Lending Index.  In the month of August, small business lending rose due to a “stronger demand in the construction and retail sectors.”  This seems to suggest that “corporate spending could help sustain broader economic growth down the line.”

After a strong first half, August continues the economic rise of Canada in terms of its small business.  Although estimates put the current lending faze in the early stages, meaning less opportunity for businesses to fall delinquent on payments, this is still big news for a wider economic expansion for the country. “For now, companies’ financial health remained strong, with the share of small firms that were 30 days or more behind on payments falling to 0.92 percent from 0.97 percent. Those that were 90 days or more behind held steady at 0.31 percent.”