The story of Colin Wayne and Redline Steel may be the most fascinating entrepreneurial story I’ve read in the past year.  A US Army military police officer turned fitness model turned consultant turned Home Decor manufacturer, Colin is the quintessential entrepreneur.  When first becoming interested in the Home Decor space, Wayne, made an offer to a company he was interested in joining that, if given 51% ownership, he would grow the company by 6x revenue from previous year.  Wayne included “a stipulation that if he didn’t make this happen he wouldn’t retain any ownership.”  After the deal fell through, Wayne became a competitor and after 18 months scaled his business to $40 million in revenue, 35 employees, and a 52,000 square foot facility.

According to Huffington Post “Redline Steel is pioneering this space and have become the largest customized steel manufacturer in the United States. They are currently working with the Chamber Commerce to compare data to show that they are within the top 5% of growing companies in Alabama.”  Wayne isn’t looking to stop there however.  He envisions a billion dollar company that will challenge the likes of Amazon and make Alabama the “manufacturing hub for all things encompassing home décor, and open distribution hubs across America for fast shipping demands.”

As a person born and raised in Detroit, MI I salute the passion from Colin Wayne and the push for Alabama to stake itself as the center of Home Decor. At some point all regions need to establish itself as a center for an industry (Texas for oil, New York for finance and marketing, etc), and I think this is a great first step.  Hopefully we see more things from Redline Steel in the near future.