Forbes contributor Maynard Webb, wrote a couple of interesting articles this week aimed at providing suggestions for employing and ultimately keeping diverse talent.  Despite being a white male, Webb admits that ignoring a diverse culture is not sustainable in the long run, and that something must be done to solve this issue.  After all, by “2022 the workforce is expected to be comprised of 47% women and 40% minorities”.  If workplaces are not ready to transition towards this, the American economy could be in a dire situation with underutilized talent.

While not going too indepth I did want to highlight a few of Webb’s suggestions, while including a few of my own for the hiring and keeping of diverse talent.  Take a look and if you think I’m missing any suggestions, feel free to add your own:

  1. Create an inclusive culture:  I know this seems obvious, but it is also easier said then done.  Ensuring that all employees feel apart of the business and important to its success is key to recruitment and retention.
  2. Grow your circle and look for talent in unlikely places: Complacency can become the norm when you’re running a business, but this can also decrease innovation.  Corporations must make it a business necessity to look for talent in places outside the normal pipeline.  This ensures diversity even if its not of the racial or gender aspect.
  3. Think about the company you’re trying to build: Do not hire an employee just because there is an opening, but rather think strategically.  Ask yourself, does this hire make sense for the future of your business?
  4. Reconsider how you define diversity: As Webb puts it, “Gender and racial and ethnic diversity may be visible, but ensuring other kinds of diversity such as educational background, geography, economics, family status, disability, sexual preference, gender expression/identity, political inclination, religious affiliation, age, and neuro-diversity (people who may connect the dots differently) is also important.”  This is key to understanding your market in all regards
  5. Listen to your employees:  Feedback is a gift (although it doesn’t always seem like it).  Ask your employees what will make your company more competitive and successful and utilize their suggestions.

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