A hardy congratulations goes out to Soccer Without Borders for winning the second annual FIFA Diversity Award.  Soccer Without Borders is an organization that uses football to “assist with the integration of young refugees in places like the United States and Uganda.”  The award was given in London by FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura.

The concept of the FIFA Diversity Awards is to promote diversity and its values through football on a global level.  A great purpose indeed, the award is “one of several concrete initiatives to live up to this pledge: from the adoption of a monitoring system for discriminatory behaviour in the stadiums to the publication of a Good Practice Guide to nurture the 211 member associations on how to tackle discrimination.”

Utilizing its global footprint to promote anti-discrimination is a wonderful idea in today’s social media age.  While divisiveness seems to be ever popular, rewarding organizations that promote inclusiveness is always a positive thing.  Hopefully this award only gets bigger and better as time goes on.