by Ray Hayes

First Financial Bank is supporting the neighboring communities of southern and central Indiana by investing $1.7 billion in development over the next five years. The bank recently merged with local Indiana bank MainSource which, once the deal is finalized, will result in First Financial managing $14 billion in total assets.  According to The Republic, First Financial Bank recently outlined how the future investments will be utilized and includes the following:

  • $510 million in mortgage lending in low- to moderate-income communities and borrowers.
  • $750 million in small business lending in low-to moderate-income communities.
  • $450 million in community development lending and investments.
  • $8.5 million in philanthropy across the bank’s footprint.
  • $25 million (eight new locations committed) in branch distribution and access for low- to moderate-income communities.
  • $1 million in dedicated marketing and communications for community development products and services.

First Financial Bank seems to be ahead of the game when it comes to community investing and employee commitment.  Unlike most organizations, First Financial provides opportunities to employees to service communities through paid volunteer work and donation campaigns with the United Way. 

The CEO of First Financial Bank, Claude E. Davis, spoke about the bank’s commitment to the community, stating that  “Investing in our communities has always been a commitment and priority for First Financial Bank. We think this is the perfect time to intentionally engage with partners to set a plan that strives to truly be outstanding.”

To learn more about First Financial’s initiatives, please click here.