Kiva is a nonprofit organization that allows people to lend money to low income entrepreneurs around the globe in micro portions.  The Kiva platform focuses on many individuals in various situations including single parents, women, refugees and more.  Recently the organization connected with California entrepreneurs in an effort to support and advance American entrepreneurial interests.  According to ABC News “47 entrepreneurs from San Jose and Pennisula…are currently borrowing using Kiva.”

In some instances outside funding organizations will partner with Kiva to increase loan amounts.  For example Sarah Adeel, head of Kiva San Jose/Peninsula explained that
“eBay and Paypal have set up a matching fund so if I am raising money and you give me 25 dollars it becomes 50 immediately because every dollar gets matched that they give us,”

There are many options for people looking for alternative lending sources with loans having as little as zero interest rates.  According to the Kiva website, 97% of loans have been repaid from 83 countries with over 1.7 million people joining the crowd-lending platform to support low income entrepreneurs.  If you’re interested in supporting the non profit check out