by Ray Hayes

In 2017, a wave of cyberattacks hit small businesses nationwide. Hackers took full advantage of owners failing to update their computer software and created exhausting issues for many small firms looking to grow.  Although cyberattacks have slowed as we end the year, we at Supplierty News still emphasize a need to protect yourself from possible future threats.

If you’re interested in learning more about computer protection, check out the great folks from Forbes and their five ways to improve cybersecurity for your company:

  1. Train your employees – This may sound minor but it is very important and can be detrimental if you do not heed the advice. Design a cybersecurity policy for your business that all employees must follow in case of a cyberattack. Make sure every employee creates strong passwords that are updated at least once a month.
  2. Update Computers – One of the main reasons the cyberattacks were so successful was because people failed to update their computers. Update security software, operating systems, and web browsers to protect yourself against breaches. If employees use tablets or mobile devices to conduct business, make sure they update those as well.
  3. Create Backups – Backup your computer at least once month if not more. If anything is ever stolen, you should always have a backup file.
  4. Limit Access – Everyone does not need access to your company computers. Limit unauthorized users to prevent hacks. Entry level employees should not have the same access to tech as top executives. Employees should also not be sharing security information with other employees outside their department. For example, a salesman should not share account information with an accountant. Furthermore, employees should always use their own individual logins.
  5. Secure Your Wi-Fi – Your business Wi-Fi can be the easiest way hackers steal your information therefore make sure you secure your Wi-Fi. Prevent employees from having Wi-Fi passwords. Set up a separate Wi-Fi for customers if you provide that service.