by Ray Hayes

If you own a small business you can now take advantage of Spotify’s growing user base with the new service called Spotify Ad Studio.  For those unaware, Spotify is a music streaming service that attracts many millennial users based on its freemium and affordable service offerings.  According to Spotify’s spokesmen, the Ad Studio is, “described…as the industry’s first self-serve audio platform, you now have access to a powerful tool to reach new customers.”

The ad tool is currently in Beta mode and allows users to create and manage audio campaigns with a budget similar to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, the ads will happen between break songs and will be played for 15 or 30 seconds. Currently, the minimum amount to start a campaign is $250.  This allows for multiple advertising options including customization to target different interest groups.

If you interested in learning more about Spotify Ad Studio, click here.