Two months after the devastating Hurricanes that ravaged America’s southern states, small business hiring has rebounded back into the positive.  For the month of October, small businesses with 49 or fewer employees added 79,000 jobs, according to the latest ADP National Small Business Report.  “The overall strong showing in employment for small businesses in October was largely driven by small businesses in the service-providing sector like leisure and hospitality that recorded the highest increase of 47,000 new jobs. Small businesses in the goods-producing sector like manufacturers added 32,000 jobs.”

This is great news from September when small businesses saw 7,000 jobs lost in the wake of the hurricane disasters.   According to the ADP national report, 235,000 new jobs were added by small, medium, and large businesses for the month with 30,600 coming from franchises.   The combined franchise and small business organizations accounted for over 100,000 in new hires for October.

Small Businesses Add 79,000 Jobs in October — Big Rebound in a Month