The Memphis Cook Convention Center is expanding with a planned $100 million renovation project schedule to take place early next year.  Joann Massey, director of the city office of business diversity and compliance, spoke to a room of 75 informing them of a recent goal to spend at least 30% of the $100 million wit minority-owned, women-owned, and small business enterprises.  “The project will modernize and slightly expand the 43-year-old convention center and upgrade its exterior appearance.  Two additions are envisioned: a cantilevered glass and steel structure overlooking Main Street and a glass-fronted concourse facing the riverfront where the old concrete-walled building meets Cannon Center. The renovation will add a restaurant space to the center.”

Massey is hoping to achieve anywhere between 30% – 50% with diverse suppliers after previous projects including the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid project and the Liberty Bowl Tiger Lane achieved 38 percent and 51 percent with diverse vendors respectively.

“Achieving the goals would put the project well above the city’s most recent diversity spending number, 21.3 percent as of June 30, which was up 69 percent since the Strickland administration took office.”

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