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Small Business hiring set to increase in 2018

According to a Microsoft Store SurveyMonkey poll, US small business owners are looking to hire in 2018.  Microsft’s retail arm surveyed an estimated 1,300 business owners and found that business strategy focused on products, marketing, technology, and hiring.  When taking a look at the survey, 90% “of respondents said they plan to hire one or two new employees next year” while over 37 percent are planning to launch new offerings.  In addition, while nearly 36% expect to employ a marketing strategy, 18.9% are looking to partner with other small businesses for upcoming projects.

When taking a look at technology, businesses that are less than a year old are more likely to have employees work primarily from mobile devices.  This is an extraordinary finding as the idea of mobile experience may be key to growing revenue.

Other topics discussed in the article included work life balance revealing that most small businesses keep a pretty well balanced life and cybersecurity.  For cybersecurity, “40 percent require that their employees use anti-virus software and 30 percent are using encryption software.”


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