Welcome to Lisle, New York, a city known for its avid hunter and outdoor community.  Coming soon to the heart of the city is SpecOp Tactical Center, a Disabled Veteran owned manufacturer of rifles, handguns, ammunition, and hunting supplies.  The company, created by Craig Letts, began as SpecOp Manufacturing in 2010 as an online manufacturer for those interested in hunting specific items.  After years of success leading to his company reaching $3 million, Letts eventually ran out of real estate and decided to open a physical retail store.

According to Fox 40 WICZ, “Letts and his family now work in the 2400 square foot facility…but what’s behind the store is where the magic happens. It’s there where a manufacturing facility worth over $200,000, allows Letts to customize and build several different AR-15 models.”

The main selling point is the education.  Letts and his team dedicate themselves to educating potential customers on “knowing how to break down the weapon, clean it, know all the safety mechanisms, and how to put it back together. He says the store offers a lot more dedication to its customers than most big box stores.”

Letts eventually wants to expand to apparel lines, kayaks, and fishing supplies, but for now his main customers including the local residents of avid hunters, fishermen, outdoors-men, and farmers is perfect in Lisle, New York.