After reading an article from Media Post entitled “Has Madison Avenue’s Gender Diversity Become A Little Too Diverse?” I decided to write my own thoughts on the current diversity efforts in corporate America.  For those looking for something controversial, this will not be the article (I don’t think).  In my opinion, and similar to the article above, I believe there are more than enough organizations operating effectively but there is a huge disconnect between the priorities of each.  With separate entities basically competing against one another to improve the diversity industry, the result seems to be a one in which diversity spend and hires are improved, but often times not retained.

There needs to be one strategy in which this industry abides by to create a pipeline of improvement.  While I cannot say exactly what that is, I can say that there are more than enough organizations to do it.  Despite the rhetoric, most corporations do believe diversity is necessary for our future.  In addition there are tons of external organizations that do a good job in educating and tracking diversity data.  The problem lies in the lack of partnerships throughout the industry.  No I don’t mean diversity efforts in tech aren’t connecting with one another, but more so, diversity efforts in tech aren’t connecting with diversity efforts in agriculture or manufacturing.  I believe if one strategy can be created and support by multiple industries as the de-facto way to improve diversity both internally and externally things may work better.

This article is not to criticize any current efforts (heck there may be a push to do this that I am not aware of), but simply to hopefully push initiatives towards this goal.  I see no reason why competing organizations cannot partner to improve their offerings and increase hiring practices specifically in this industry.  If organizations are truly committed to improving diversity numbers, then it makes sense to connect IMO.

I’ve been approached in the past by people looking to possibly create similar strategy but ultimately it has ended in nothing.  I whole heartily support these ideas and believe that if they work an improve the lives of our community they not only should happen but need to happen.

One Strategy for improving diversity is what our aim should be for 2018.
And One Strategy it will be!