When most people think of Victoria Secret, they think of one word, “sexy”.  Over the years, Victoria Secret has been criticized for its lack of diversity in gender and body type inclusion, but despite these calls for change the brand of the company, in my opinion, has remained unchanged.  With its global representation of “sexiness”, it’s interesting to see that the latest rendition of its annual fashion show is the most diverse yet with 55 models representing a show high 17 countries.

Just 3 years ago African model Maria Borges was said to be worried having to ask “to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway with her natural, short hair,”  Now there is an expanded acceptance of beauty and sexiness with the show helping to include more woman from various backgrounds.  For a fashion show that promoted the full long haired look, it now is looking to showcase the beauty of a more natural presence, which should do a lot of help all people see the beauty in all cultures.

If you’re interested in learning about what the models think of the diversity expansion for the Shanghai, China show, check out their interview with People Magazine below: