A few months ago, LeBron James made a statement that would ultimately cost the Trump Hotel brand millions.  In an interview, James told reporters he would not feel comfortable staying at a Trump hotel due to the elected President’s divisive rhetoric.  At the time the comment was only slightly controversial.  After all, a sports figure going against the President of the United States isn’t anything new….but then again, Donald Trump isn’t a regular President.  According to the New York Times, James’ stance has since led 20 or so corporate clients to decline staying at any Trump hotel causing pay for employees to drop significantly (in particular at Trump SoHo).  In addition, workers at Trump hotels, in particular immigrants, have quit to avoid association with the President’s political stances.

They say it’s hard to mix business with politics and President Trump is finding this out first hand.  While the Trump brand may be at its height in terms of vision, it is now a tool of division more than a brand of established quality.

So can Trump re-establish his brand and gain back clients for the future.  As long as he’s President, the answer is a clear and easy NO.  Despite his election under current American rules, the fact is that the majority of American voters didn’t vote for him.  Add to the fact that he’s historically disliked by Americans and the it is easy to understand why anything and everything under the Trump brand is negatively affected.  Ironically President Trump’s greatest achievement may eventually lead to his name taking a hard hit it cannot come back from.

Only time will tell if the Trump brand’s current drop will be a long term occurrence, but for now,  President Trump may want to stick to politics and leave his business behind.