Empowering a Billion Women by 2020 (EBW2020) is a new platform that is focusing on supporting women interests.  The platform held its inaugural Global Summit November 6th in Austin, TC with the goal of providing financial resources to women worldwide.  According to a press release, the “goal of this platform is to work with funding partners and corporations to get $1B into the hands of women by 2020 through debt, equity, and corporate supplier diversity opportunities.”

If you want to support a community, helping businesses grow is a fantastic idea.  In taking ideas from the United Nations’ Global Agenda, EBW2020 has elected 10 founders to join its first class of women owners creating a social impact.  “Founders receive access to EBW’s solutions which provide access to education, community, technology, and financial training for the Founders as well as world-class mentorship by the EBW Billion Dollar Funders Circle Board Members.”

Board members include the following:

  • Steve Felice, Former President & Chief Commercial Officer of Dell Inc.
  • Tina Tchen, Former Assistant to President Obama, Former Chief of Staff to Michelle Obama, and Executive Director of The White House Council on Women and Girls
  • Arnold Baker, Board Member of The US Chamber of Commerce
  • Lili Hall, Founder and CEO of KNOCK
  • Ying McGuire, VP of TIG
  • Denise DeSimone CEO of C-Leveled
  • Anna McCoy, COO of Urban America and EBW’s Vanderveldt

EBW Inc. is a solutions based corporation that develops financial, mentorship (education), and technology solutions towards its impact goal to “Empower a Billion Women by 2020”. The business of EBW2020 is focused on connecting women to financial resources and funding opportunities through education, community, and technology where women can earn certifications that build confidence, know-how, and access to resources. Its business goal is to help 1M women get over the $1M in annual revenue (currently less than 3% ever do). EBW leverages its global brand to develop Funders which are “changing the world by changing the ratio” to create economic and social impact for women and girls across industries and borders. For every dollar earned, EBW reinvests a portion back into women and girls in developing countries across the globe through The EBW Foundation.  In the past 12 months alone, EBW has reached women in 75 countries.