The next generation of employees will be much different then in years prior.  When looking at life decisions it seems that women are alot more confident in their choices when compared to men moving forward.  In a recent Merrill Edge report which polled respondents “aged 18 to 34 and affluent U.S. respondents over the age of 34 with investable assets greater than $50,000”, women gave surprisingly positive answers about life questions.  According to the Merrill Edge Report, women are more confident than men that life choices such as never marrying (64 percent of women versus 55 percent of men), outliving their significant other (57 percent of women versus 47 percent of men) or getting divorced (35 percent of women versus 24 percent of men) won’t stand in the way of their financial futures.

For me (as a male), the biggest surprise came from the large percent of women thinking that not marrying won’t stand in the way of their financial futures.  Not that I think it will, but I assumed (naively apparently) that the number would favor men.  But this may just be a preconceived notion about women that I have that, after this, needs to change.  And there’s nothing wrong with reading an article that changes your opinion.

The confidence hopefully means that women will now have more opportunities moving forward in the workplace and lead to new and better ideas.  As a supporter of diversity the more ideas which lead to compromising and creating better solutions is ideal for me. Confidence is a major step in this process and it’s nice to see that for women, there is a sea of change that is growing.