In today’s 15 second response environment, rational thought has taken a backseat to emotional reality.  As Newt Gingrich put it when asked about the economy during last year’s election, “Although statistics say the economy is doing better, that’s not how people feel”.  And he was right.  Today rationality is one of the most taboo ideas in society.  Thinking that politicians should figure out ways to compromise is essentially giving in to the enemy, and more controversial than actually agreeing with the enemy.

A rational being is a confused being with no backbone.  Being rational is stupidity.

So what is rationality?  Well to put it simply, it’s being reasonable.  For example, saying that the economy is doing well under President Trump’s leadership is a rational statement.  Looking at most metrics, the economy is doing well for the time being.  In contrast, saying President Trump has not passed any meaningful legislation is always a rational statement.  President Trump promised a wall, new healthcare, and a safer America, of which none has happen.  However to believe both statements makes said person a traitor to both sides and a controversial figure.

Another example is Colin Kaepernick.  It’s truly amazing to me how kneeling for the flag has cause so much controversy yet in still here we are.  While people who are against the act push it as an anti-military statement (which is a strictly media creation…seriously, no athlete who has ever knelt has said they are protesting the military), those in support see it as an awareness campaign of systematic discrimination.  Whatever side you’ve decided to take, I believe the rationality of the argument has left long ago.  Simply put, if Kaeernick and other athletes are kneeling to raise awareness, then fine.  Why Americans have made it such a controversial topic, makes no sense when the people performing the act have already said (both in words and financially) what they support.

I believe situations like this start with us as a nation and our deep seeded prejudices that today’s environment has amplified.  Before responding to any action, more people need to stop and consider what the action means.  I implore more people to think and act rationally before statements are made.  If more people did this, less controversy would happen in my opinion.