GQ Magazine is creating buzz not seen within the fashion magazine community in some time.  Arguably the most talked about fashion magazine cover of the year involved Colin Kaepernick, the controversial former NFL QB who’s past kneeling protest has created a conversation that has now extended as far as Europe and caught the eye of current US President Donald Trump.  The amazing part of the cover is that it is a continuation of the product GQ has promoted since the beginning of 2017.  That being, diversity and the new standard of blackness in sports and entertainment.

“Starting in May, Steph Curry, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Mahershala Ali and John Boyega all received solo covers of the publication. For the November issue, LeBron James was honored with his third GQ cover since 2010; Kevin Durant and Kaepernick closed out 2017 for the publication with their respective December covers.”  The inclusion of diversity at the 2017 levels is quite a surprise indeed, but when comparing GQ to other outlets, it is a clear indication of the lead the magazine has decided to take.

In all, GQ has released 16 covers for 2017. Of them, nine featured men of color. When broken into months, for seven of 12 months, newsstand goers would find an issue of GQ with a person of color on the cover. This is significant when compared to its newsstand peers: In 2016, the most diverse American women’s magazine was Teen Vogue, which featured nonwhite women on seven of its 11 covers; when reviewing the 10 leading U.S. fashion publications, only 52 of the 147 total covers (or 35.3 percent) starred people of color.

In interviews the focus does not seem to be a focus on the inclusion of black males but more so seeking to reflect the culture of the times.  Ironically with the election of President Trump, the culture of diversity has taken a more popular stance and is now a conversation in every corner.  Despite the stance of the current administration, on a culture level, diversity has actually seen an expansion in my opinion which is good.

It is well noted that the culture of America is ever changing and growing more inclusive and diverse and despite what anyone says there is no stopping it.  The question now becomes what is next.  With songs like Despacito and latino athletes successfully leading teams in sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer, there may soon be a Latino fashion Reinsurance up next.

The future looks bright for diversity in general however which is good for all under represented parties.