by Ray Hayes

Virtual assistant (VA) technology has come a long way from simple email management.  Today VA tech can answer phones, schedule meetings, and even perform follow up tasks to keep you on the ball with customers both potential and current.  What makes VA tech so valuable is the fact that most of the basic tech is free!

With so much here today and on the horizon for the technology, The Week has listed a few upcoming trends that all small business owners need to be watching out for in the near future:

  1. According to a study from TINYpulse, “… 91 percent of remote workers feel they’re more productive at home.”  VA is helping to increase this productivity by handling daily operations that were once necessary to perform in the presence of others.  VA technology is growing close to the point where much of a small business operation can simply be automated.
  2. The cost of employing a VA is cheap when compared to a human.  In addition to a decrease in salary and taxes on the payment, you also do not have to worry about other issues like Social Security and Medicare.

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