by Ray Hayes

The Gay Wedding Cake Case which has been making waves since before the 2016 election has now entered the Supreme Court.  For those, unfamiliar with the Gay Wedding Cake incident, here is a brief overview:

David Mullins and Charlie Craig of Denver, CO filed a complaint against Jack Philips of Masterpiece Cake Shop after he refused to make the couple a wedding cake due to their sexual preference.  Philips claims that his business is guided through his Christian faith and that his decision not to serve the couple was greatly influenced by his religion.  Although Philips considered justified in this, the Colorado courts ruled against him due to the state’s public accommodation law, “which bans discrimination by companies offering their services to the public, did not allow Phillips to refuse the gay couple’s request.”

During the opening arguments, the New York Times wrote that “The more liberal justices probed whether all sorts of artisans – tailors, hair stylists, makeup artists, chefs – could refuse to supply goods and services for same-sex weddings. Conservative justices considering whether artists can be required to convey messages with which they profoundly disagree.”

As we move forward with this case, the New York Times is citing Justice Anthony M Kennedy as the pivotal vote for the ruling. Justice Kennedy has been quoted as saying that the civil rights commission that ruled against Philips, failed to take into account his religious beliefs.  In addition, before the arguments ended Justice Kennedy pointed out that while he is sympathetic to LGBT issues, Philips was mistreated by the civil rights commission and troubled by the commission ruling, “…that required Mr. Philips to retrain his staff.”

We shall see how the Supreme Court rules but as of now their seems to be a divide over the case.

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