Last month, the list of this year’s Rhodes scholars was released revealing a very diverse group of winners.  To being, for those unaware of what the Rhodes scholarship is, the award is a “prestigious scholarship, which draws from colleges and universities across the nation, funds study at the University of Oxford in England for students who show not only academic excellence, but potential for making an impact on the world.”

This year the list of winners included 10 or 31% of the scholarships going to African Americans with additional scholarships awarded to “a transgender man, a ballerina, a wrestler, African and Indian immigrants, an Aleutian Islander, and students from four colleges that have never had a US Rhodes before.”

While diversity continues to be a hot button issue within our country, on an educational level, it seems to continue to gain steam.  The truth of the situation is that the US is continuing to grow more diverse every day and awards of this caliber will continue to see more diversity in their winner list.

In my opinion this is just the beginning and I expect to see more immigrants, Hispanics, and women garner the award over the next 10 years.

To view the full list of the 32 recipients check out:

Click to access final_winners_list_2017.pdf

Click to access final_winners_bios_2017.pdf

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