In 2013 the American Ballet Theatre (ABT) began Project Pile, a program designed “to make sure talented children from diverse backgrounds received the chance to pursue their dreams.”  The focus, of course, is to promote and advanced opportunities in ballet across the nation by bridging the gap between communities.

Participants of the program practice at ABT’s headquarters located north of Union Square in Manhattan New York.  To many, ballet is seen as an elite or upper class industry which Project Pile is hoping to connect with everyone from all walks of life.

For ABT, the students are part of “The Bridge Class,” “meaning both a bridge to different communities and a bridge between those who dance for fun and those who hope to dance professionally one day.”

In addition to learning to master ballet, participants also have the opportunity to meet the most famous black ballerina of our time, Misty Copeland.  While the ballet industry is slow to change Copeland is connecting with the project in an effort to provide more opportunities for diverse ballerinas.