by Ray Hayes

When it comes to diversity, the Republican party has struggled in recent years.  Despite being ran by an African American (Michael Steele) in the past and currently led by a woman (Ronna Romney McDaniel), the RNC has had major issues attracting minorities.  To begin, let’s discuss the election of both RNC chairs which were reactionary elected officials versus progressive.  How so?  Michael Steele was elected to his post after Barack Obama was elected the first black President of the United States and Ronna McDaniel came into power after Hilary Clinton became the first woman to run for office with a major party.  These reactionary elections are key reasons why many under represented groups feel left out in terms of  RNC legislation and this lack of diversity continues with the Trump administration.

President Trump is the most disliked President in modern history.  His twitter statements and controversial opinions have only added fuel to the fire and made him an easy target for anything negative.  But despite his misgivings, he’s also generated record interest in Politics, the likes Obama or even Bush could not.

While a game changer in this regard, the President and his party are still severely lacking in the department of diversity.  Simply look at the RNC representatives in both the House and Senate, and it is easy to see the issues at hand.  Despite Republican talking points diversity is a major concern for the party moving forward.

The problem I have with this is the fact that no one seems to care because it is norm and an expectation. But in order for our country to grow, diversity should be a priority.  After all, how can America be great without acknowledging the power of diversity? In my opinion it cannot and when it is looked down on, Presidential support drops to record lows.


  1. What party is Senator Tim Scott, African-American? What party are Hispanic Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz? Why does the congressional Hispanic Caucus BAN Hispanic Republicans? Diversity should be a 2-way street. I am unsubscribing from this newsletter because it appears to be just another appendage of the Democrat Party.

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