Sometimes I feel like a broken record of sorts.  In the latest “lack of diversity” report, Quartz highlighted Amazon informing readers that “women make up just five of the 59 executives” at the highest levels of the company.  While a low mark indeed and room for improvement is evident, in the case of Amazon is it necessary for improvements to be made in terms of gender diversity?

Consider this, Amazon touches one in four households in America.  If diversity is improved, how would Amazon be able to improve?  Is it possible for Amazon to cover half of America, or even more than the 25% stake it already has?  More importantly, is that something we even want?

To create a better service offering or to expand into new territories, the need for diversity is obvious, but in the lane of Amazon’s current services, I think they’re ok for now.

But wait….that means you don’t support diversity!!

Now calm down there.  I’ve always stated that diversity is necessary where it makes sense.  I believe tech cultures need to expand to become more inclusive and that upper levels for most tech companies need to change but I’ve also stated that startups should worry more about surviving the winter than looking for diverse hires.  For Amazon, they’re a massively successful company that is continuing to grow.  If they wish to stay in their current market then for the short term they’re fine, however if they’re looking to grow into other areas, then yes diversity is a must have