A year ago I would have never written this article.  After all we’re dealing with a random celebrity claiming to have a desire to own an NFL team with little to no evidence they’ll actually do it.  But these are crazy times we live in, and if hey if Donald Trump can be President of the United States. then why can’t a man named Diddy own a billion dollar NFL franchise?

Former Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson recently announced that he would be “placing the team for sale at the conclusion of the NFL season” after becoming the latest person under fire for “sexual misconduct and using racist language at work.”  Soon after these issues came to light, well known musical artist Diddy posted an Instagram video explaining his desire to own the team.

Diddy discusses his desire to bring Colin Kaepernick into the fold and give him an opportunity to start for him (which makes no sense as the current starting QB is one of the best in the league).  While probably a stunt more than anything, the purpose behind the statement isn’t a bad one….I guess….

At any rate, Diddy’s desire does bring to light the lack of diversity among the NFL ownership ranks.  Outside the Jacksonville Jaguars, the sports organization is heavily white resulting in race issues that could be better handled with more diversity in their ownership.  While I’m not convinced Diddy is the answer as an NFL owner, I do believe some diversity is needed in the ownership ranks and this would be a good opportunity to do so.