by Ray Hayes

In the past 10 years, Google Maps has established itself as the premier option to find and travel to new and exciting businesses.  While the American population uses the feature to find multiple locations, other countries and their small businesses, struggle with the application.  In India, for example, more than 70 percent of its kiranas, (small family owned shops), and businesses do not have an online presence which includes being listed on Google Maps.  In an effort to solve this issue, Seemba was born, helping Indian companies create a much needed web presence.

According to Quartz, “Seemba is a mobile phone-based platform that helps businesses build their websites.” that has helped more than 50,000 merchants develop an online platform.  The recent popularity of the app can be attributed to the Maharashtra government’s “Bring Maharashtra Online” programme which saw the application add thousands of businesses to its portfolio.

Kinder who is one of the founders of Seemba, spoke about why India was an important place to launch the app. “India led on all fronts. The next billion users in the country are leapfrogging desktops and coming online using mobile phones. The government’s digital push is also helping startups move much faster (to reach) the market.” Within the coming year, Seemba plans to help more than a million Indian businesses create an online presence.

Neither Google nor Facebook: An Israeli startup is bringing India’s small businesses online