Welcome to 2018!  What a joyous year we have coming up (hopefully).  To start the year, I wanted to touch on a few key things all small businesses should be looking at heading into the new year.  Some of these are obvious year beginning tasks while others are more subtle yet equally important.  Take a look at our tips for the new year and if possible add some for yourself.

  • Get ready for the Trump tax code to take affect:  This year, will begin the first ever tax filing under the new Trump tax code.  For most small businesses this will mean revenue savings so make sure you check with your account and read more about how the new reform affects you and your employees.
  • Marketing Strategy:  A new year calls for a new marketing strategy.  Review what worked last year and figure out how to make it even better in 2018.  Remember more and more people are accessing the internet through their phones, so figuring out how to take advantage of that is key
  • New Year, New Sale:  Want to start the new year off right?  Offer a sale to try and bring in new customers.  Whether you’re connecting with consumers or other businesses a month long 2018 sale campaign should get your name out there and bring in some new customers
  • Expand your network: 2017 was good for you and your network but now it’s time to expand.  Have a goal of expanding that network of potential leads this year.  The more leads in your sales cycle the better.
  • Support your local community:  While maybe not a day or week one thing, keep in mind the people within your community this year.  Purchase locally and partner and support organizations that are within your area.