by Ray Hayes

It is estimated that between 39 and 73 million US jobs will be destroyed over the next few years, with 800 million workers being displayed on a global level.  While technology is making life easier for most, in terms of new job creation, we are seeing less and less opportunities appear.  The good news from the report (if there is any) is that of the nearly 73 million potential jobs lost in the USA, 20 million can easily be shifted into other roles or occupations.

According to USA Today, the job titles which are least likely to become automated include engineers, scientists, health care providers, educators and IT professionals. The main reason these jobs will not be affected is because of the skills that can not be exchanged by machines. Susan Lund, director of research and co-author of the McKinsey Global Institute study, raised that most important question of all regarding the loss of jobs. “The big question isn’t, ‘Will there be jobs?’ ” Lund says. “The big question is, ‘Will people who lost jobs be able to get new ones?’ ”